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Received the prestigious "DIAMOND NAARI 2022" Award for training and empowering more than 10K people during the pandemic and transforming lives. A big THANK YOU to my GURUJI and all the participants who have shown immense faith in me and our academy.

PROUD MOMENT - Got featured in leading news publications

What is in it for YOU ?

SELF provides a wide range of English language courses that help you to refine your language based on your level of expertise and requirement. Spoken English courses have become more relevant than ever before because they help to improve your communication skills a great deal and help you position yourself for better job opportunities. 

Clear and crisp English is important for success in all spheres of life, especially professional life . It makes you confident as you are able to clearly communicate and articulate your message thereby your colleagues and friends look upto you and you create a mark for yourself in your career.  Facing interviews, acing exams of English speaking courses and applying for top level jobs becomes easier when you have taken a thorough training in English language.


About Shilpa Srinivas


Training is my PASSION

Right from my childhood, I always wanted to stand out and make a difference. In school, I was the first to raise my hand and participate in tons of debates and competitions and won many awards and medals. That was the START

As I moved on in life, I continued to be really passionate about conveying my message. I really wanted to IMPACT and INFLUENCE the society. This is why I am in this field. When I was in London, it was then that some small events created an impact on me and I really decided to give it my best shot.

With close to a decade of training experience having trained various strata of the society including corporates, bank managers, Government officials, teachers and students from MBA and engineering, I have found the journey very fruitful and fulfilling.

If I am able to uplift and transform the lives of people around me, then surely it is my dream come true and I want to whole heartedly pursue it.

In a recently held All India Speaking contest , I finished in the top 100 which was rewarding. Also, I have got featured on JOSH TALKS twice which is a great feather in my cap.

For lack of online world back then, all my trainings and journey so far has been in physical locations. Now with the advent of technology, it is the right time to GO DIGITAL and share my knowledge and experience so that people can truly RECLAIM THEMSELVES..
That’s it about me…

Our Customer Testimonials Testimonials Testimonials

There are many takeaways Ma’am from the session. I felt very empowered after attending this session and decided to join the Toast Master’s club of Singapore which I have been dreaming from a long time.

Yamuna ,Singapore

I work in Korea as a scientist. I found it very difficult to understand the documents written in English. After joining this course, I have found it immensely helpful and I wish to join the advance course as well. The course is designed very well and your sessions are very easy to follow

Hariprasad, Korea

I found this course extremely motivating and Shilpa Ma’am increased the love for the language. I in turn motivate my students to speak the language better as it is a global language

Rajkumar, Ghana South Africa

This course enhanced my self-belief and the relationship I share with Shilpa Ma’am is beyond a teacher-student relationship. She has always motivated us and I truly feel very happy to be associated with SELF academy. I feel that our relationship is for a lifetime.

Dr Padma Jadhav, Gokak

You are my inspiration in my transformation journey. I used to eagerly look forward to every session of the course. Your efforts reflect in our results. Kudos to you Ma’am.

Surekha – Teacher, Hyderabad

This SELF course is very much helpful to improve my colloquial English. Now I don’t have any hindrance in speak in English with my family and friends. Thank you so much Ma’am. I feel so proud about myself.

Sangita Dicholkar , Goa

I have always felt isolated for not being able to speak in English. I was not able to express my emotions properly. After completing this course, I gained confidence and now I have spread my wings and very thankful to you and Sir.

Ranjana Udapurkar, Pune

It was a very useful course for me . Ma’am explained in very simple language. Not just English, I also learned personality development and how to overcome my FEAR . I have set some GOALS for myself and have been able to work towards the same.

Chandrashekar, Advocate , Mangalore

As a doctor I never had time for self-improvement and during this pandemic, this course came as a boon and I involved completely in this. I found lot of English speaking partners which enabled to enrich my language.

Dr Rajen Udani, Ahmedabad

English was a huge barrier to me and I did not have the patience to learn. But I found a great mentor and teacher in Shilpa ma’am who guided me to improve my basic skills by setting daily routines. Today, I have taken up international English competitive exams and I am able to be successful. Thanks to you ma’am and the SELF academy. I am truly grateful for your valuable guidance in my life.

Bhargavi Susheel – USA

I was able to understand English but not able to speak fluently. This course made me practice it every day and your teaching was just awesome. Everyday you made me come out of my cocoon as I was stuck in my monotonous life. We love you ma’am and GOD bless you. You are really a superstar.

Nandini , UAE

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    I wanted to know: what is it that makes people motivated, successful and happy in their lives? And why is it that some people struggle, and others thrive?

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