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In this series of videos, I dwell deep on some key areas of English particularly when we want to have conversations.  These include using Question words , Question Tags, Embedded questions, Intonations etc., Please watch all of this videos till the end and I would suggest plug an ear phone in so that you can have complete focus on the same.  Once you go through these ,I’m sure you will get a very good idea of how to start and how to improvise your daily conversations.

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Topics for this course

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Conversational English

Question Words – How (Part 1)6:30
Question Words – How (Part 2)8:39
Question Words starting with WH8:49
Question Tags7:16
Embedded Questions7:06
The World of Idioms – Part 1 How using Idioms can elevate our English conversations13:08
The World of Idioms – Part 2 How using Idioms can elevate our English conversations10:01
Idioms that can be used @ Workplace7:55


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Excellent Videos Mam.. This is really very cool info

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